The following types of V-belts are available:

• narrow V-belts with teeth according to DIN 7753 and ISO 4184.
SPA/ XPA, SPB/ XPB, SPC/ XPC and SPZ/ XPZ section
Lengths from 587 mm to 5000 mm

• classic V-belts according to DIN 2215 and ISO 4184
Z/ ZX/ 10, A/ AX/ 13, B/ 17, C/ 22 and D/ 32 section
Lengths from 606 mm to 8405 mm

• double V-belt according to DIN 7722 and ISO 5289
AA, BB and CC section
Lengths from 1345 mm to 6135 mm

All belts are antistatic, oil- and heat-resistant.

Available in:

•different lengths
•different toothings

Technical documentation:

If you would like more detailed information about V-belts, please phone the number above.