V-belts - V-belt pulleys

KTN's V-belts have been specially designed for demanding users of driving and transmission systems.
This is to keep standstill costs of different applications as low as possible
Different versions are available, for instance:
• Narrow V-belts according to DIN 7753 and ISO 4184
• Classic V-belts according to DIN 2215 and ISO 4184
• Double V-belt according to DIN 7722 and ISO 5289
• Ribbed belts
• Round belts

Some important characteristics of V-belts are:
• High quality
• Multiple versions possible
• Special versions and lengths are also available
• Quiet

In addition to all standard types of V-belts and V-belt pulleys, KTN also offers heavy duty versions for special applications.
All types of V-belt pulleys can also be developed as customized versions.

If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please phone the number above.