Sprockets -Plate wheels

Sprockets are an important factor for the performance of chain systems.
The shape of the teeth, the choice of the materials, the processing methods, as well as as refinement and hardening processes are chosen by KTN engineers, who also monitor and control the processes in order to assure the quality.

Kettingwiel + TransportkettingSpeciaal kettingwiel

Here are some possibilities:

• Sprockets / plate wheels for roller chains up to a inner width of 3000 mm
• Sprockets / plate wheels for conveyor chains up to a inner width of 3000 mm
• Sprockets / plate wheels in divided version
• Pin wheels up to a inner width of 3000 mm
• Putting in Triebstock toothing
• Drilling and putting in keyways and tapped holes
• Putting in bearing-chambers
• Sprockets in taper bush (Taper Lock ) version
• Two-sided boss version
• Sound insulating wheels and axles

Available in:

• Steel version
• Stainless steel version
• Cast iron version
• Synthetic version
• Galvanized steel version
• Nickel-plated steel version
• Tinned steel version
• Black annealed steel version

• Customized version ( see engineering )


For bigger lots KTN offers the possibility of a work on call contract on good conditions. 
Many of our clients have made use of this arrangement and have experienced its advantages.

We will be pleased to discuss with you the possibilities in your situation.