Roller chain customized

Due to the versitality of our engineering department in combination with the possibilities in the workshop, KTN has designed and composed many customized roller chains.

Rollenketting speciaal 1

Should the standard attachments or extended pins not comply with our wishes, we have all the technological know-how to develop and deliver all sorts of chain parts in all sorts of material.

Depending on the quantity, these can be assembled manually or by machine.

Roller chains with customized attachments can be used in various fields of application. Here are some examples

• Bakery installations
• Ovens
• Paternoster systems
• Transport units
• Sorting machines
• Packaging industry
• Etc. etc.

In order to achieve high precision, the roller chain is measured out and pre-stretched in pairs in a parallel run.

With our broad experience we will be pleased to advise you and to develop a high quality chain with a long lifespan in accordance with your wishes.