Low-maintenance roller chain

In order to ensure an optimal lifespan, standard steel roller chains must be regularly lubricated.

Unfortunately there are many application fields where lubrication is very difficult.
For these problems Ketting Techniek Nederland offers a number of very suitable low maintenance roller chains.

For many of these applications low maintenance roller chains have been developped. 
Here are a few samples:
• X-Ring roller chain (O-ring roller chain)
• Waxed roller chain
• Self-lubricating roller chains 

X-Ring roller chain (O-ring roller chain)
The principle of the X-ring is a seal between the side plates of the roller chain, which keeps the lubricant in place.

Besides that, the X-ring protects the hinging parts from penetrating dirt or moisture.


Depending on the environment the lifespan is significantly prolonged, and re-lubrication will be unnecessary.

Waxed roller chain.
Another low maintenance principle KTN is specialized in is the waxed roller chain. The chain wax is applied to the ungreased roller chain with the result that re-lubrication becomes unnecessary.
The wax is not sticky, so that dust and dirt cannot adhere to the chain.

Self-lubricating roller chain.
This roller chain has been developed as a self-lubricating, maintenance free roller chain equipped with self-lubricating bushes.

The principles desribed above are particularly effective, and depending on the environment, the results are considerably better.

If you would like more information about the possibilities for your application or about a new design, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to give you free of charge advice about the options.