Low-maintenance conveyor chains

"The dream of industry has come true"

KTN's showpiece is the low-maintenance conveyor chain with a special built-in sealing. 

This low-maintenance chain is particularly suitable for application in dirty and polluted environments with for instance dust, moisture and sand. Conventional chains let moisture and filth penetrate into the hinge point and are therefore subject to higher wear.

With the low-maintenance chain all this belongs to the past. 

The principle is the following:

A special seal is built in under prestress between the inner and the outer link. In this way the hinge point between the pin and the bush is shielded. The seal is strengthened by a brass disc both at the front and at the back, and is then treated with a lubricant in the factory. The seal retains the original lubricant and prevents filth from penetrating and settling itself between the pin and the bush or roll.


Due to this perfect lubricatoin for the hinge points, which keeps the chain clean, the low-maintenance chain offers the following advantages:

• A longer life span
• Regular lubrication and lubricating equipment becomes unnecessary
• Lower maintenance costs and higher production
• Higher operation safety
• Less wear
• Particularly suitable for application in unfavorable circumstances.

“Practically all types of conveyor chains can be delivered as low-maintenance chains”