Crate conveyor chains

Crate conveyor chains are applied in many industrial applications.

Here are some examples:
• Crate transport / crate washers
• Bottle conveyor tracks
• Conveyor tracks in dairy industry
• Transport in pharmaceutical industry
• Transport in seafood processing
• Transport systems in cheese factories 

Crate conveyor chains are mostly made of synthetic materials with Stainless Steel chain pins, and are therefore particularly suitable for food industry.
Alternatives for those materials are steel or cast iron chains.

The greatest advantages of crate conveyor chains are the following:
• No corrosion (dependent on the type)
• Long service life
• Low friction coefficient
• Low noise level
• High tensile strenght

As the requirements with respect to speed, sustainability and hygiene are gradually becoming stricter, KTN offers a large assortment of materials and production methods.

If those chains get in touch with materials, acids, solvents or cleansers, please consult KTN staff. They will be glad to help you make the right choice.